3 Things to Focus on First in Your New Business

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2018
Set Yourself Up for Success

Are you thinking about or actually starting a new business? Maybe feeling unsure about what to do, in what order, to get the best results?  

This post will help you a high-level overview of what it takes to start your business off strong.  For details on how to implement everything outlined here, plus bonus materials on costly mistakes to watch out for, check out our free, one-hour training video on Starting Strong

1. First, Create Value 

 Value is why people want to trade with you. It’s something they want – something you offer that they find compelling.

Value isn’t fixed or tangible; it rests in perceived benefit. It’s in the mind of the beholder. So how do you create it?

If you want to understand how to create value in your business, think about how you can be of service. Consider your ideal clients and ask yourself (or better yet, them!): 

  • What is their biggest frustration, concern, or aspiration right now
  • What have they already tried? What did they like/not like about it
  • If you could address their frustration or help them achieve their goal, how would that make things better for them?
2. Challenge Your Own Assumptions

A big part of what’s going to hold you back and cause you to make mistakes as you start your business is the assumptions you are making.

It's important to test your assumptions and get feedback on your business idea before you invest time and energy in fully launching it. Challenge yourself on the assumptions you are making about:

  • What problem needs solving & how
  • What features people want, need, and value
  • Whether people will buy & how much they’ll pay
  • How to package your offerings
  • Where to sell

The best way to challenge your own assumptions, and make sure your business is built on a solid foundation, is to get real market feedback on your idea -- the sooner the better! 

Read about the 5-Step Process for Testing Business Ideas, or dive in to our in-depth guide to testing your idea before or while you launch, Research on the Run. 

3. Get Customers

No matter how you plan to connect with potential customers -- online, in person, or through various marketing channels -- being able to talk about your business easily is absolutely essential to your success.

A lot of new business owners are uncomfortable talking about their business, especially if they feel it isn’t fully cooked yet. But even if you have no web site, no business cards, and aren't really sure about some of the details…. None of that matters!

At the beginning, what matters is the practice of talking about your business, everywhere you go, to all kinds of people. You'll get more and more comfortable & more and more clear talking about your business. You'll also likely find that at least some people are going to be enthusiastic supporters of what you are doing or trying to do… And that you'll get help, support, and encouragement from many different places, in many different forms. 

So how should you talk about your business?

  • Be clear on what you do and for who. Make it easy for people to think about ways they may be able to use your services or refer business 
  • Make it short and concise
  • Avoid buzzwords and jargon

Watch out for the tendency to talk waaaaay too much, which is what we tend to do when we're uncomfortable. You'll do better by just listening.

Listen for the problem or goal that your customer has, and then offer your solution if it’s the right one. Find out:

  • Have they ever bought what you are selling before?
  • How? What was their experience?
  • What did they like or not like?
  • Would they buy it again?


Making it Happen

Invest your time and energy on the right things - at the right time, and you'll set your business up for long-term, sustainable success. 

Learn more in our practical, action-packed free training on 3 Things to Focus on First to Set Your New Business Up for Success. You'll learn:

  • The 3 things to focus on first (and why they matter) 
  • Why starting in "test mode" makes you stronger, faster
  • Where the Valley of Death is & how to avoid it

It's 60 minutes of actionable, inspiring information to help you start your new business off strong. Watch it now! 


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