Naming & Registering Your Business

do it Nov 18, 2017

Although many new business owners rush to pick a name even before they start writing their business plan, it’s often wiser to wait until you’ve fleshed out your idea enough to have a clear sense of what you’ll be selling and who your target customer is.

From there you can start to brainstorm names that:

  • Make it clear what you do
  • Are easy to say and spell
  • Are memorable
  • Relate closely to your product or service

Generally speaking, it’s best to stay away from

  • Meaningless acronyms
  • Silly or cute names you’ll quickly outgrow
  • Generic names
  • Names that are so specific they limit future growth
  • As you consider names, try to pick one that has a domain name (web address or URL) available.

You can check this with any online domain registry service or through a web hosting company, such as Blue Host or GoDaddy.

Register Your Business Name

If you plan to do business under a name that differs from your own legal name, you’ll need to register it. In Ontario, registration costs about $60 and is valid for five years.

Choose your name and type of ownership before you register your Ontario business.



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